Speed and accuracy, these two words are very important to attempt an exam and get through it with flying colours. Only learning and attempting the exam will not help you in any way until and unless you have a good speed of attempting all the questions as well as accuracy in doing those is there.


Many students ask this question – how can they increase their speed and accuracy to attempt an exam and get a good rank? So, today in this article, we will share some tips to how can you increase your speed and accuracy.


The basic mantra to succeed in any exam is just Practice, Practice and Practice.

  1. Take mock tests: Take as many mock tests as you can and keep on practicing all the questions.
  2. Analyse your performance: By taking mock tests you will get to know your weak sections and thus, you can work on your weak sections to for a better performance.
  3. Set A Time Frame: Set a time limit and try to complete your assignments, mock test, sample papers in the time frame set by you. It will be little difficult for you to hit your goal initially, but with practice you will be able to achieve success.
  4. Divide Paper in 3 Parts: Give a quick rea to all the questions in your question paper and divide it in 3 parts. In first part, you complete all the questions that you know thoroughly. In the second part, attempt those questions that you are familiar with and know something about those questions. And when you are done with these 2 parts, then comes the third part in which you try attempting the remaining questions. This way you will be able to complete most of the questions.
  5. Don’t get panic: Try to stay calm while writing your exam because it will help to focus better on your questions and you will be able to write the exam more confidently avoiding silly mistakes and decreasing the chances of writing a wrong answer.
  6. Focus: Don’t shift your focus from the goal and give your 100% , work hard and practice.


These are some of the tips that will definitely help you achieve success in your exams. Practicing thoroughly will help you get a better speed and accuracy making it easier for you to have a good score.


So, now the question is, which is more important- SPEED or ACCURACY?


And the answer is accuracy is more important than speed. Thinking that getting through an exam with having a good speed is not a good idea, because only speed will not get your answers correct. You need to have accuracy also.


If you are accurate in your answers then, chances of getting a negative mark is almost 0. But no accuracy means more of negative marking as your focus will be not getting the answers correct but to attempt all the questions.


So, the conclusion is that speed is important, but accuracy is more important. You can gain speed and accuracy only and only by practicing. So, practice hard.


All the best.

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